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The Goodies

Y'all know me, I'm always working on the next piece of science fiction to improve our sound. This is a rough list of the tools we have available, and always growing/changing.



1x Royer R-10
1x sE Voodoo VR-2
1x sE X1R 
1x Shure SM-7b 
1x Shure Beta 55 Deluxe 
1x Shure Beta 52a
8x Shure SM-57
2x Earthworks SR-25
1× Earthworks TR-20
2x Blue Hummingbird
1x Blue Encore 200
2x Blue Bluebird 
2x Rode M5
1x Aston Origin 
2x Zoom HR-6 
1× DW Moon Mic
1x Samson VR-88

1x Warm Audio WA87 Condenser Mic
3x Sterling ST59 Condenser Mic
1x MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Mic
2x Audix i5 Dynamic Mic
2x Audix F15 Dynamic Mic
1x Packard Bell Phonocord Dynamic Mic


Live Room - Moderate sound absorption, excellent diffusion. 

16x Inputs all fed by UA Pre-Amps



Control Room - Extreme sound absorption.

8x Inputs, 4 SSL Pre's, 4 Antelope Audio Pre-Amps



Iso Room - Excellent sound absorption.

4x Inputs, Antelope Audio Pre-Amps

Unassigned - 32 Soundcraft Class xmax Pre's,

                         32 Presonus Class xmax Pre's


All Rooms controlled by Antelope Audio Goliath HD Gen 3, Windows machine outfitted with Pro-Tools, Ableton, Studio One, Bitwig.

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